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A Tour of Former East Germany: Ten Years after the Wall
A virtual tour through East Germany, including the Inner-German Border Museum, the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin and Eisenh├╝ttenstadt, East Germany's model city.
A virtual tour of Germany
Portraits the federal states and shows pictures of touristic attractions.
Allexperts Germany Travel
Veteran travelers answer your questions about tourism and travel in Germany.
Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin & Brandenburg
Information about historical places in Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg. Pictures and History of Palaces and Parks.
Germany Information
Visitor's guide to learning German, transportation, currency, maps, weather, travel, restaurants, passport, and sight-seeing.
Germany Information
A personal site with hints for US military families newly arriving in Germany.
Germany Travel Attraction Search
Search for Germany tourist sites in the PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia and view photos, get list of top-rated travel attractions, lists of cities and towns, get walking and driving tours.
Neuschwanstein Castles Net
Castles in southern Germany are covered in this site, with pictures of castles that you can visit or stay at.
Picturesque Town and Villages in Germany
A listing of picturesque towns and villages in Germany which you may enjoy visiting. Photography by Vic Freund, Centralia College.
Roads to Ruins, the Castles of Germany
Photographs, history and maps to hundreds of castles and castle ruins in Germany.
Seek Travel
A search directory with trip planning and visitor's information.
The Magic of the Harz.
The landscape and attractions of the Harz Mountains region of North Central Germany as they appeal to two Britons. This includes the remarkable narrow gauge steam railways.
Wunderbar Germany
Explore the history and culture of the country of Germany with this official site from the German Tourist Board. Site includes event information, virtual tours and local news.

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