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Ningaloo Reef
- Diving in Western Australia

by: Jakob Jelling

Ningaloo Reef is located at the western coast of Australia in an area which starts at Cape Range and ends at Shark Bay. It is widely known due to the fact that it has a large reef close to the shore which is unique and can not be found at other diving sites. This characteristic is what attracts most divers who come to the reef although there are several other characteristics which turn the area into a very interesting and attractive one not only for divers but also for visitors in general.

The main and most popular diving activities which visitors would be able to meet at Ningaloo are concentrated at the area of Coral Bay and Exmouth. Coral Bay and Exmouth are two Ningaloo towns which are separated by a distance of about 100 kilometers and in which visitors could choose from a wide variety of accommodation facilities.

The ideal season for visitors in general and specially divers to go to Ningaloo is between May to February, although it is recommendable for divers to learn more about each season and find out which time of the year is most suitable for them. Although this area is beautiful year around, there might be a few variations in the underwater environment which a diver could enjoy at one season than the one he could enjoy at another, and therefore each visitor should choose the season which best suits his preferences.

Ningaloo's waters contain over 460 different reef fish species, an amount hard to find at other diving destinations. Besides this variety of fish, divers would also be able to enjoy a wide variety of vegetation and sea creatures as well as several different coral species, some of them very colorful and interesting to observe.

One great destination which divers who go to the Ningaloo area shouldn't miss is the Kangaroo Island. This Island is ideal for those divers who like cold water diving and who wish to meet unique underwater creatures. Kangaroo Island waters contain sea dragons as well as beautiful reefs full of beautiful vegetation.

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